3 Small Ways You are Doing Your Property a Big Disservice

1) Keeping your kitchen cabinets stacked to the brim with food, spices, & every giveaway cup you have ever “won.”

You may have more storage then you could ever use but packed cupboards say otherwise. You needn’t completely clear them out. Pair down to only what you will need in the upcoming weeks, giving preference to matching sets of dinnerware and high end items. Neatly organized cabinets of glassware and foodstuffs is a pleasing sight to homeowners, working for you, not against you.

*Yes, this applies to you even if your cabinets are not see-through. Buyers will 100% be opening up cabinets and drawers. So while were at it, you may want to clear out those embarrassing ointments in the bathroom too.


2) Leaving photos of your family trip to Aculpoco on display

Personal photos and memorabilia are the hallmark of the family home, but a big no-no in a staged property. Placing mementos of your family’s memories front and center will hinder buyer’s ability to  imagine making their own.

It may even make them feel like they are being invasive while touring your home, causing them to speed through the property. You want them to give each room its proper consideration, not spending their time wondering why that child has a bucket on their head (adorable as that picture is). And really, if you think about it, do you want strangers getting a window into your personal life?


3) Thinking a once over with the Swiffer is enough.

Unless you have Martha Stewart level standards for your home, the basic once over you’ve been doing is not going to cut it for a house on the market. Dingy tiles and dusty vents will raise concern about the level of over all up keep.

After living in a house for a while you become blind to certain areas, so it is wise to bring in a pro or at least a fresh set of eyes. I can’t tell you the number of properties I’ve entered where there are pristine counter tops but a cobweb left unattended by the basement door!

Now is the time to finally use all those vacuum attachments, wash windows (inside and out), polish fixtures, and remove any marks on the wall. You will find that the effort was more than worth it when you get your asking price on your home.